Date of Birth: July 5, 2000

Eye Tested Clear. L2 - HGA and HC Clear

Ripley was easily our most enjoyable and rewarding (but on occasion our most amazingly frustrating) campaign to date. Spearheading our challenge in 2006 this strapping black brindle was tirelessly successful at the highest of specialty level but often languished at the sometimes startling All Breeds stakes.
Sparingly exhibited in the hotter summer months and not shown excessively in 2003/2004/2005 our charge ended successfully on Remembrance Day 2006 at The Port Stephens All Breeds and Obedience Canine Club Inc.


Oozing breed type with abundance and with immeasurable ring presence, renowned specialists say:


Mr Tony Brindley  Cabrindle UK Dog Challenge Certificate and Open In Show

"A tall black/brindle in a fit condition looking athletic and agile with no exaggerations. He has a deep through skull and strong under jaw, good stop, nice length of muzzle, dark eyes and neat ears that all go to make up a pleasing and typical head shape. He has a correct bite and a straight front. Nicely angulated rear quarters and a level top line and good movement. His typyness, athleticism and head shape stood out to me and I had no hesitation in awarding him the Dog Challenge CC".

Courtesy SBTC of Northern NSW Inc 8th Championship Show September 2008

Mr Martin Grimwood  Stormstaff UK  3rd from 24 entered in Open Dog Class

"Topsize black brindle who impressed on entering the ring. A type that is my preference. His expression is excellent provided by neat well placed ears and a dark eye. Strong muzzle without a hint of lippiness. Head balances to body. Good body definition with apparently correct rear angulation. Would possibly prefer a shade more width to his rear quarters and would definitely prefer to see him in a fitter condition. Moved well enough but not with a smoothness that I had expected of his build".

Courtesy SBTC of Northern NSW Inc 3rd Championship Show Weekend September 2006

Mrs Jenny Smith  Willowstaff UK  2nd from 19 entered in Open Dog Class

"Black/brindle Top size, athletic specimen who had plenty of attitude and was on his toes throughout the class. Super, well defined head with correct muzzle to skull ratio and large white teeth. Clean front with plenty of lift, balanced but not as compact as 1. Correct front and rear quarters, good spring of rib and level top line held on the move. Unfortunate to meet 1 on such good form, but nevertheless a quality dog who deserved his placing in this competitive class".

Courtesy SBTC of Northern NSW Inc 2nd Championship Show Weekend September 2005

Mr Mick Smith  Willowstaff UK  2nd from 20 entered in Open Dog Class

"Black/brindle. Top size, well put together with a clean front and adequate bend of stifle. Held his top line on the move and propelled freely and purposefully. Liked his head type and cleanliness of muzzle. Would have preferred a shade more fitness, however, unfortunate to meet 1st whose movement and condition was exceptional".

Courtesy SBTC of Northern NSW Inc Inaugural Championship Show Weekend September 2005

Mrs Sue Lane  Lanvilla Australia

"Dog of good type, up to standard, well balanced, moved well".
Critique courtesy of Mrs Sue Lane

Mr Norman Benham  Eaststar UK

Best Australian Bred Dog

Liverpool and District ABKC August 2003

Mrs Jan Bruce  Northwark Australia

Best Australian Bred Dog in Show

ACT and District SBT Club Inc Championship Show April 2003


Mrs Ann Goddard  Tophouse UK  Reserve Challenge Dog  Best Australian Bred Dog

"A fine upstanding dark brindle. I liked his head and expression particularly. He also possesses well boned front and rear quarters, spring of rib, a level topline and good muscle tone overall. He looks as if he can "do the business." He is well put together and secured his position on overall balance and type. Moved and handled very well".

Courtesy BTC of NSW Inc Championship Show October 2002

Mrs Doreen Pugh  Rocellio UK  State Bred Dog in Show

"Dark brindle. A lovely balanced outline, good head qualities and expression. Sound in construction and positive movement. His condition was first class and a pleasure to see him in complete rapport with his handler". 

Courtesy SBTCQ Inc Championship Show June 2002


Mr Dean Cund  Chelmstaff UK  2nd from 21 in Australian Bred Dog Class

"Lovely headed dog, excellent front, good spring of rib, level topline, looks really good from any angle, excellent conformation, moved well, could have changed places had he been a bit fitter".

Courtesy Newcastle Terrier and Toy Club Inc Championship Show November 2001

Mr Stephen Meredith  Rojeme NZ  2nd from 14 in Junior Dog Class

"Very big boy. Won his place because of head and front. Had he not had balance his size could hinder him".

Courtesy SBTCQ Inc Championship Show June 2001

Mrs Beryl Munro  Baracane UK  Best Baby Dog in Breed  Debut Show

"Black brindle baby, nice dark eye, good body shape, short coupled, handled well, good prospect".  
Courtesy BTC of NSW Inc Championship Show October 2000
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